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American Well Technology offers multiple proprietary cationic production lubricant blends which deliver a variety of beneficial treatments to artificial lift equipment, production tubulars, wellbore, perforations and more. The company has been awarded two method patents for its unique applications, with two more pending.
The company’s positive-charged (+) penetrating production lubricants are attracted to the negative-charged metal surfaces in ALS pump components, rods, valves, and production tubing. It penetrates, lifts, and moves solids deposition from surfaces removing blockages, and corrosives while liquefying paraffin and asphaltenes and moving it down the line. The powerful adhesive lubricant film barrier continues to reduce friction and torque in metal contact points while reducing fluid drag and friction.


  • Cationic Penetrant – Adhesive Film Lubricant

  • Solubilizing Low Aromatic Solvent / Surfactant

  • Compatible with Existing Chemical Programs

  • Non-Reactive, Water-Out Formulation - Safe Downstream

  • Patented Method for Use

  • Compatibility & Performance Tested by Major Operators


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