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Application Method Training

American Well Technology has patented the method for the use of ALS Production Lubricants TM, and has developed application specific instruction courses for new users.


AWT instruction courses are offered by production engineers proficient in the use and optimization of the company’s ALS Production Lubricants TM, and the specific pre-treatment and continuous treatment of various lift systems (e.g., oil and gas production pumps and wells) used in oil and gas production.


The course will cover the following:


  • Use in Rod Lift, ESP, Progressing Cavity, and Gas Lift pumps

  • Pretreatment and initial solids removal and surface prep.

  • Continuous and Batch Treatment protocols

  • High and Low Viscosity Crudes

  • High and Low water / oil cut

  • Using existing production software to monitor changes in KPI’s

  • Redundant Fluids optimization

  • Monitoring performance improvements


Classes are by appointment and can be performed in person at your location, or via web-based video classes.


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