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SolidsFree 432 Tubular Cleaner 

Solids Free Tubular Cleaner is a powerful fluid penetrant capable of dissolving, penetrating, lifting, and moving most solids deposits from rods, tubing, downhole pump components, and pipelines. SolidsFree 432 also liquefies thick hydrocarbon solids (paraffin and asphaltenes), liberating their flow and restricting attachment from metal surfaces.  


Intermittent short-terms circulation treatment using Solids Free will often postpone costly well pulls, and acid treatments preserving the organic and PH balance of current well production fluids and chemistry programs. 

Circulation treatment program

Minimizes other costly treatments and workover services 

Penetrates and removes solids and corrosion from tubulars

Cleans out and opens production tubing, rods, downhole components, and perforations 

Liquifies hydrocarbon solid deposits

Safe for use & compatible with existing chemical programs 

Reduces Iron Sulfide from oil

Water out product, no chemical fingerprint left in the oil phase 

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