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Founded in 2017, Texas-based American Well Technology is the first company to theorize, develop, and manufacture Cationic Production Lubricants for Artificial Lift Systems used in oil and gas production. The company’s positive charged (+) water soluble production lubricants are attracted to the negative-charged metal surfaces reducing friction, torque, and drag in various production pumps which increase pump efficiency and lifespan while reducing energy consumption and failure rates.

AWT has been awarded a process patent for use of cationic lubricants introduced into downhole oil production systems to reduce friction, torque, and drag.

AWT has developed and owns the proprietary formulation for it’s plant-based, biodegradable ALS production lubricants.

The production lubricant is distributed and serviced by Rockwater Energy Solutions, Select Energy Services, and Reef Systems under the product brand “Lubricante’ 1021”.

AWT has developed additional products that are also differentiated by their change to a positive charge which attracts the product to metals’ negative charged surfaces developing a powerful thin film lubricant barrier. Some of these products include tubular cleaners, drilling lubricants, well stimulation fluids, pipe-on-pipe lubricants, and drag reducing agents in pipeline applications.

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