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SolidsFree Gas Lift Treatment

SolidsFree Gas Lift Treatment is a proprietary formulation and Patented Application that removes solids deposition from tubulars and valves, leaving an adhesive lubricant film on all metal surfaces. The result is reduced tubing pressure, fluid drag, and increased gas flow while stabilizing surface and interfacial tension.

Removes Solids Deposition

Removes H2S and Calcium From Valves

Creates Thin Film Lubricant Barrier on Tubulars

Penetrates and Moves Corrosive Solids

Reduces Tubing Pressure

Leaves no Chemical Fingerprint in the Oil Phase

Improves Lifting Efficiency

Lubricant Film Enhances Long Term Valve Performance

Increases Production Volume

Powerful Corrosion Protection on Valves & Plunger

Fluidizes Paraffin & Asphaltenes

Compatible with existing production chemical programs

Stabilizing Surface Tension properties

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