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Submersible Pump Performance Lubricant

American Well Technology’s ALS Production Lubricant 512 is a proprietary, cationic penetrant and lubricant carrying extreme film strength designed to solve the fast failure rates and operational problems associated with submersible pumps. Upon injection, the production lubricant immediately bonds to metal surfaces in a thin film lubricant barrier protecting against any mechanical, mineral, or hydrocarbon solids deposition on metal surfaces. The product improves pump efficiency, and performance, and reduces motor torque, energy consumption, fluid friction, iron sulfide, and flowline pressure while fluidizing paraffin and asphaltenes.

Adhesive thin film lubricant barrier coating all metal surfaces

Reduces flowline pressure

Reduces friction between metal contact points

Partially encapsulates sand reducing damage to surfaces

Reduces fluid friction and drag

Conditions and lubricates elastomer seals

Reduces average and peak motor torque

Increased production volume

Reduces pump motor energy consumption

Extends pump lifespan & average mean-to-failure intervals

Lubricant film bonds to tubulars to optimize flow rates

Delivers added protection in early stage, post frac pumps exposed to the harsh fluids and abrasives

Increases pump efficiency

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