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ALS Production Lubricant

American Well Technology is the first company to develop, test, patent, and market the use of a production lubricant in artificial lift systems including rod lift, ESPs, and progressing cavity pump systems. The use of American Well Technology’s ALS Production Lubricant immediately reduces friction, torque, and drag between metal contact points in addition to its fluid friction reduction inside tubulars through a daily injected treatment protocol.


The product is distributed and serviced by Rockwater Energy Solutions, Select Energy Services, and Reef Systems in the United States. The company is currently working on distribution engagements in Mexico, Canada, South America, and the Middle East.


Positive Key Performance Indicators

Pump lifespan

Pump efficiency

Corrosion and Oxidation control

Production Volume

Elastomer seals and components life


Pressure and damage between rod and tubing contact points

Solids deposition in ESP chambers and impellers

Rod load

Premature failure from solids, corrosion, and high torque

Fluid on pipe friction and drag

Rod and tubing failures and costly work over

Energy consumption by 10% to 16%

Paraffin build-up – keeps it moving

Flowline pressure

Damage from solids and abrasives

Peak and average motor torque in ESP’s and PCP’s

In some cases the use of additional scale inhibitors

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