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Cationic Production Lubricants
for Artificial Lift Systems

American Well Technology has engineered a line of proprietary oil and gas production lubricants and penetrants deployed into production wells to improve pump efficiency and reduce operating cost in a variety of Artificial Lift Systems. The company has been awarded a method patent protecting the use of positive-charged adhesive film lubricants to reduce friction, torque, and drag in a variety of pump systems movements and interactions.

The proprietary fluid lubricant and penetrant products are used to clean out solids deposition on pump and tubing surfaces, and apply a friction and torque reducing thin-film lubricant barrier on all negative-charged metal surfaces. The effectiveness of the products has been successfully proven in the field at ConocoPhillips, XTO, CRC, SM Energy, QEP, and more.

The proprietary clean out and lubricant formulations are manufactured in the company’s El Paso vertically integrated manufacturing facility and are distributed and serviced by Select Energy Services, and Rockwater Energy Solutions along with manufacturer direct relationships.

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