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Cationic Production Lubricantsfor Artificial Lift Systems

American Well Technology Holdings, LLC, founded in 2017, is an oil & gas production chemical and lubricant technology company deploying proprietary cationic formulations that solve oil production pump efficiency problems. The primary AWT system is now patented, with two additional related patents pending. 


American Well Technology has engineered a first-to-market line of oil & gas production penetrating adhesive lubricants for all Artificial Lift Systems. The efficacy of AWT production lubricants has been proven in several pilot programs at operators such as ConocoPhillips, XTO, SM Energy, Chevron, CRC, QEP, and Trilogy Operating. 


The production lubricants penetrate corrosive mineral and mechanical solids that cause tubing blockages, fluidize hydrocarbon solids in the production tubing, and move them from the production system. Finally, a powerful adhesive lubricant film is left behind on all metal surfaces to reduce friction, torque, and drag perfecting pump performance and reducing failure frequency.  


AWT blends all of its penetrant, well-stimulation, surfactant, and cationic production lubricant products in West Texas and is focused on market entry strategies through strategic distributors in the equipment, chemical, and well-service sectors.


  • Reduce Solids Deposition in Tubing & Pump Surfaces

  • Increase Pump Efficiency

  • Reduce Fluid Drag on Pipe

  • Reduce Ave. Time to Failure Rates

  • Liquify Paraffin & Asphatenes 

  • Cationic/adhesive lubricant film barrier reduces friction and torque

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