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Performance Enhancing Production Lubricants for Artificial Lift Systems

American Well Technology is a Texas-Based Oil & Gas Production Lubricant & Chemical Company deploying proprietary formulations, patent awarded applications, and first to market solutions to production pump efficiency and longevity challenges.
The AWT Product line includes applications for all types of artificial lift systems and addresses most organic and inorganic solids deposits and organic damage to pump surfaces, tubulars, wellbore, perforations, and even formation by penetrating corrosion & scale, while fluidizing asphaltenes, paraffins, and heavy crude.

The core products are cationic penetrating lubricant / surfactant / solvent blends that leave behind an adhesive boundary lubricant film to reduce mechanical friction, motor torque, and fluid drag in pump components and tubulars.

The efficacy of AWT production products has been proven in several pilot programs at operators including ConocoPhillips, XTO, SM Energy, CRC, QEP, and Trilogy Operating.


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