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Executive Launch Team

Mr. Rettberg has assembled an unparalleled team of prominent, vested private and institutional partners, with a track record of growing and exiting both public and privately held companies into the billions.

Scott Rettberg

CEO, Managing Member

Scott Rettberg, an American Entrepreneur, has long been associated with the development and innovation of many technologies, along with renewable resource-based business models. An expert in mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, tuck-ins and roll-outs, Mr. Rettberg seeks to successfully integrate synergistic and specialized sector related buys with existing base platforms, along with inventions that have revolutionized industries.

As an inventor and value-added acquirer, Mr. Rettberg’s current opportunity, ProFlow, a proprietary and unique production stimulant for the Oil & Gas sector, is by far Mr. Rettberg’s crowning achievement, being the perfect platform to bring together his history of finding and partnering with innovative companies and talented / invested entrepreneurs and his innate talent for guiding a company through new and explosive stages of growth.

With Mr. Rettberg’s vast experience in re-organizing custom manufacturing companies through vertical integration, cash flow management, increased sales performance, streamlined management, and the elimination of redundancies, he is an expert in aligning business vision and capabilities with current market conditions, and developing successful end game goals, by negating and realizing successful exit strategies though mid-term private sale, public or private exit through acquisition, and or larger mergers and roll-up for cash, ownership, and or royalty payments.

He has owned, managed, and successfully exited several small to mid-sized manufacturing companies in the printing & packaging industry. The last was 100% vertically integrated with over 175 employees.

Widely recognized for his negotiation skills, business market acumen and day-to-day business planning expertise, Mr. Rettberg brings the ultimate capability to maximize every investment dollar’s potential.

Tim Volk


Tim Volk has extensive leadership experience in implementing strategies for bringing new business concepts to the marketplace, with urgency towards immediate profitability and long-term stainability. Mr. Volk’s success in marketing and management techniques provides AWT a solid foundation for operational guidance and rollout. A proven team leader, Mr. Volk specializes in seamless sales and operations integration, shortening the cycle between sales and realized revenues by removing ALL operational barriers to maximize sales and profitability.

After a 25 year distinguished career in banking and finance, Mr. Volk has gathered a consortium of some of the top Scientists, Engineers, and Green Technology experts together and started three different ventures since 2008, including two international projects – waste to energy and a solar thin-film concern, when he came across an earth-friendly, biodegradable lubricant for the Oil & Gas sector. Mr. Volk has been working with major oil companies in both West Texas and South Texas for the past 24 months.

Mr. Volk graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 4 years, played on the University of Arizona’s Baseball and Rugby Teams, and was inducted into the University’s Sports Hall of Fame. He holds a California Department of Real Estate Broker’s License, and speaks conversational Spanish and Portuguese.

Steve Glynn

Prior to AWT Steve worked as the Director of Public Works for the City of Menifee and provided leadership for public works, engineering, finance and risk management operations for the city.

Steve has more than 25 years of operational leadership experience, including over ten years in city government where he was responsible for major capital improvements throughout the city.

Prior to joining the City of Menifee, Steve served as a Director of Government Affairs for Waste Management where he led teams responsible for accounting, budgeting, operational performance analysis, and capital investment management. He also was responsible for overseeing $275M in annual contracts throughout California and was responsible for profit and loss as well as all departments within the business unit.

He has served in multiple roles for Waste Management, including Senior District Manager, Area Safety Manager, and Gas-to-Energy Management.

Advisory Board

Steve Galvanoni

Mr. Galvanoni currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of G&G Holdings LLC, a Technology and Real Estate Holdings company.

His thirty years extensive experience in sales, marketing, strategic planning, executive management, and knowledge … of mergers, acquisitions, and spin-off activities have proven to be beneficial to all clients. He served for 30 years in a variety of senior positions at Telxon, including Vice President of North American Sales, President of the Retail Technology Group, and Senior Vice President of the Supply Chain Group.

He specializes in improving profitability by applying past experiences of working with major retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in Supply Chain Efficiencies.

Mr. Galvanoni acquired the above Retail Technology Subsidiary from the Public Company Telxon and took it Private renaming the Software Entity Softechnics and the Professional Services Company ETC.
In four short years Softechnics achieved 60% marketshare in the US Chain Supermarket Industry and was acquired by the NYSE entity Mettler-Toledo. Additionally, ETC was acquired by the NYSE company Titan. Investors in both Softechnics and ETC received a 7x Return in four short years.

Mr. Galvanoni received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University.

Hans G. Franke

Hans Franke began his corporate career as a laboratory scientist in chemistry at Chevron Chemical Company. He progressed to Manager of diverse research groups and to Corporate Executive as President Directeur General (PDG) of Chevron Chemical SAF, headquartered in France (1967 – 1991).

Following Chevron, he served as consultant to the CEO of Free Flow Packaging where he analyzed foreign operations and led the planning and installation of a Styrofoam manufacturing facility in Europe. Mr. Franke invented and patented biodegradable “ Packing Peanuts”, designed a manufacturing process, and developed biodegradable packing material facilities in Europe and the US.

In 1995, Mr. Franke founded Standard Starch, in collaboration with Clextral SAF, where he invented and patented a high speed industrial process to convert whole starch into biodegradable plastic.

In 2008, he founded Toad Medical Corporation to develop and manufacture the only patented device that completely unloads the foot by transferring the body’s weight from the foot to the calf. The Toad brace enables foot trauma sufferers and foot amputees unhindered ambulation, who would otherwise rely upon crutches and wheelchairs.

Hans Franke earned his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and Business Administration from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt. He also completed post-doctoral research in the US. During his career, he has authored several dozen US and international patents.

At Case Western Research University, he is currently part of the Medical Faculty’s CAHH Program and a member of the Medical Faculty’s Leadership Council.

He is fluent in English, German and French, with knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese.