ProFlow – Production Flow Technology Lubricant

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ProFlow is a nano-tech, thin-film lubricant that is polarized to attract and bond to all metal surfaces, and time and time again it has proven, in the field, to reduce high friction and drag on down-hole metal on metal production parts. This significantly improves pump performance, reduces energy consumption, and extends pump lifespan by reducing the common and frequent failures to rod and tubing from friction. More surprisingly, in many cases it either increases the overall production volume or it reduces the daily pump times, among the many other benefits, while providing increased overall operating efficiency, reduction in maintenance costs and dramatically reducing downtime of the Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) used ubiquitously to extract raw crude oil. AWT’s field- testing of ProFlow demonstrated a 60% to 80% reduction in friction between metal surfaces, which is the primary cause of the frequent failure, reduced pump efficiency, reduced volume potential, and increased energy consumption caused by the constant grinding of metal on metal parts in all ALS applications.

Submersible (ESP) Pump Benefits

Maintaining a daily treatment of ProFlow Production Lubricant in submersible pumps is a proprietary and effective way to increase performance and longevity of todays ESP production pumps. ProFlow is a biodegradable, thin film bonded lubricant that coats the entire pump surface and chambers with an effective lubricant to reduce friction, torque, and energy consumption while protecting against the deposition of solids.

ProFlow – Rod Pumps

• Reduces average motor torque
• Reduces peak motor torque
• Reduces current torque
• Reduces friction in chambers
• Reduces energy consumption (2.7 to 4.3 KW)
• Lubricates chambers for easier operation
• Protects against solids deposits – thin film lubricant acts a barrier
• Conditions and lubricates elastomer seals for longer life span
• Reduces fluid friction – more fluid at same RPM
• Extends longevity of the pump

Treatment Protocol

• Day 1 Treatment: 2 barrels of ProFlow lubricant circulated for 2–3 hours
• Alternative Day 1 Treatment: 21 gallons of ProFlow slugged 4 times down backside in a 2 hour period.
• Daily Maintenance: 650-1400 PPM depending on production volume and water cut, on a once daily batch dose or continuous injection via cap string

ProFlow can treat all ALS lift systems,
including PC Pump, Pump Jack, Roto-Flex and ESP’s

ProFlow – Rod Pumps

• 60%-80% reduction in friction between metal surfaces
• Reduction in rod load by 10% to 25% (sometimes 10,000 lbs)
• Reduction in energy consumption
• Extends the lifespan of metal down hole parts
• Reduces the number of well pulls to replace parted rods or split tubing

ProFlow – PCP Pumps

• Reduction in torque by 25%-40% in the surface drive
• Reduction in peak torques which reduce surging
• Reduction in electrical load by 10% – 24%
• Allows for an increase in RPM or production speed by 35% to 60% in field testing results
• Proven to be a valuable elastomer conditioner and lubricator in the OXY labs
• Helps encapsulate sand and solids which create less abrasions moving through the stator.
• Increase overall production volume
• Reduce energy consumption and costs
• In some cases the actual value of the electrical savings covers the cost of the treatment.

ProFlow can treat all ALS lift systems,
including PC Pump, Pump Jack, Roto-Flex and ESP’s