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American Well Technology

American Well Technology Holdings, LLC (“AWT”) has invented, with a patent pending, a unique application for an innovative/disruptive product, aptly named ProFlow. ProFlow, short for Production Flow Technology, was first developed by Pro One Inc. as a superior drilling lubricant. AWT, through our extensive theoretical research in friction, torque and drag dynamics in Artificial Lift Systems, began an extensive research and development phase throughout 2015 and 2016. Through this extensive trial and error process, success and proof of concept was realized in the field by major oil producers, and ProFlow was born as a specialized positively charged bonded lubricant. This proprietary lubricant has quickly become the most significant, disruptive, impactful innovation for improving performance and reducing operating costs than any other oil and gas technology in decades. Furthermore, it has already been price tested virtually without resistance, as a highly consumable, daily treatment, that is incredibly addictive. Once use of ProFlow is suspended, all the benefits that it delivered quickly dissipate.

ProFlow is basically a nano-tech, thin-film lubricant that is polarized to attract and bond to all metal surfaces, and time and time again it has proven, in the field, to reduce high friction and drag on down-hole metal on metal production parts. This significantly improves pump performance, reduces energy consumption, and extends pump lifespan by reducing the common and frequent failures to rod and tubing from friction. More surprisingly, in many cases it either increases the overall production volume or it reduces the daily pump times, among the many other benefits, while providing increased overall operating efficiency, reduction in maintenance costs and dramatically reducing downtime of the Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) used ubiquitously to extract raw crude oil.

AWT holds The North American Master Distributor License, and plans to market and sell to a traditional chemical distributor supply chain network. This network has a potential market of 2.8 million wells in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Our Story

Scott Rettberg and Tim Volk of American Well Technology, LLC, (AWT), originally hired almost 3 years ago as consultants by the manufacturer, Pro One, Inc., developed and authored a theory based on the past successes of Pro One in the drilling fluid market. This theory was simple: If we could introduce a cost effective fluid treatment to the total ALS well system to reduce torque, load, and rod friction effectively, the lifting equipment’s production speeds could be increased and the end user could enjoy increased total production volume at lower lifting costs. This would be a highly marketable solution in any oil economy because it would help to create more volume or more money than the cost of the actual treatment. This was a primary benefit, but there would be many ancillary benefits to the presence of the lubricant we created, in the ALS system, including rust, scale, and paraffin inhibition, and increased laminar flow of pipelines.